Taiwan rolls out three-part plan to win back tourists

As it readies to welcome back international tourists in 3Q2020, Taiwan has launched a three-phase reopening plan, which includes the budgeting of NT$2 billion (US$67.6 million) for tourism re-introduction.

Phase one, currently underway, includes the drawing up of a pandemic prevention tourism plan, comprising various tourism-related guidelines including quick action plans in the event of a fresh outbreak. Travel and tourism players have also undergone training courses schooling them on how to bolster confidence among tourists.

Covid-19 prevention plan, training courses for players in travel form part of Taiwan’s tourism recovery plan; Taiwan’s highest peak Yushan Mountain pictured

In the second phase, an estimated NT$2 billion has been budgeted for tourism re-introduction. As part of the training, up to 300,000 tourism players will partake in local FAM tours to be eligible for additional relief subsidies. Designed to familiarise agents with the health and safety measures established at tourist spots, the itineraries will cover local specialty outlets, homestays, attractions, shopping, and more.

These efforts will build up towards the restart of international tourism under the third phase, following Taiwan’s implementation and successful testing of the measures adopted at the domestic level.

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