Digital Travel APAC presents industry insights report and five hot trends in travel technology to note in 2020

As millennials rise in purchasing power and become the dominant driver of business and growth, there is all the more reason now for travel providers to adapt and develop innovative approaches to address dramatic shifts in customer behaviour, as well as the demands for mobile and social media.

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In order to better understand how the industry is reacting to this shift in consumer demographics and behaviour, the insights team at Digital Travel APAC spoke to hundreds of travel brands across Asia-Pacific.

The study uncovers the following key trends as top priorities for travel operators in 2020:

• Perfecting Personalisation
• Mastering the use of messaging platforms and bots
• Mastering travel distribution
• Leveraging the use of alternative payment
• Increasing ancillary revenue

Also included in the published report are in-depth conversations with senior executives from some of the region’s biggest names in travel, including Line Travel and Trip 101, Grab, Tujia and Tourism New Zealand. These leaders behind their respective organisations walk the floor, and offer insights on how their organisations are responding to the new travel preferences, what their challenges are, and their thoughts on moving forward.

Uncover how apps have expanded in the travel space (and which of them have gained the largest traction in our region), how combining big data with travel technology translate into an astronomical growth and why an NTO has elected to dedicate more than 50 per cent of its resources to its digital destination marketing campaign.

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