Virtual tour series shines the spotlight on Wuhan

Tour operator Walks has kicked off their Spotlight Series of online tours with a sojourn to Wuhan, China, aiming to provide insights into the ancient city beyond that of the skewed narrative painted by international media.

The first run of the Wuhan tour (US$10), which delves into the city’s highlights, cultural attractions and history, was held on April 30. Two more timeslots are available on May 7 and 14, at 19.00.

Walks’ online tour of Wuhan aims to dispel misleading notions about the city where the coronavirus first broke out

Over the 40-minute tour, a local host will take guests on a journey to uncover famous spots such as the Yangtze River, East Lake and Wuhan University – billed as one of the oldest and most beautiful in China – as well as the city’s local food and snack culture.

Stephen Oddo, CEO, Walks, said in a press statement that he hopes the tour would show new sides of Wuhan, expand mindsets and overturn preconceptions, calling this “the heart of what travel is all about”.

He added that the current global travel restrictions, in fact, allows Walks to “expand (their) mission to reach more guests: both would-be travellers, and those who may not be able to travel for other reasons”.

Rome will be the next featured destination in the series, with tours of the city slated for May 8, 15 and 22 at 12.00. Each time slot will feature a different Roman era in progressive order, brought to life by renowned archaeologist and television host Darius Arya.

Upcoming tours in Walks’ Spotlight Series will feature US National Parks, including Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, and an insider’s experience on Venice’s preservation. The tours will be led by storytellers from all walks of life, including tour guides, local artisans, winemakers, chefs and volunteers working on travel sustainability, shared Oddo.

Walks is also offering a regular slate of live, virtual tours where guests can trace the fall of the Roman Empire, explore the highlights of the New York City Metropolitan Museum, and even gain insight into Italian wine. These tours, priced at US$10, replace the physical walking tours they held before travel restrictions kicked in.

For each virtual tour they sign up for, guests receive a US$25 Walks voucher, with a two-year validity.

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