Kayak rolls out curated virtual tours

As lockdowns worldwide continue, more and more destinations are taking the virtual route to keep the travel dream alive. Following Airbnb and Viator, travel search engine Kayak is fuelling wanderlust with the launch of its virtual travel hub featuring a selection of curated city guides.

Kicking off with curated virtual guides to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin and London, the virtual travel hub is now live, with additional destinations set to be released in the coming weeks.

Kayak’s new initiative allows quarantined travellers to visit destinations like Berlin (pictured)

Beyond access to a virtual tour of the destinations, users will also be able to experience a curated selection of local recipes; a playlist for each city; a language lesson covering commonly-used phrases; a virtual tour from local museums and galleries; as well as a list of books, TV series and movies related to that city.

For example, those paying a virtual visit to Amsterdam will find a preview of the Rijksmuseum, an immersive look at the city’s scenic views with a helicopter tour, and a step-by-step guide on recreating the Netherland’s well-loved Stroopwafels.

Virtual visitors can also learn how to order a beer, ask for directions and greet new people in Dutch, as well as find out more about all the recent cultural updates, such as recommended books and films.

The site also gives users all the tools and information they need to plan their next trip, from daily itineraries to destination highlights.

Evan Day, country manager UK, Kayak, said: “At Kayak, we understand that these unprecedented times can bring a lot of emotions to the fore, from uncertainty and anxiety, to boredom and restlessness. Having a level of escapism and something to look forward to, are now more important than ever.

“The virtual travel hub aims to give users a fun, exciting distraction, whether you’re wanting to learn something new, ‘visit’ your favourite destination or get a preview to a location you plan on visiting.”

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