Mixed measures taken by CLMV nations in fight against Covid-19

Mid-April New Year celebrations were cancelled in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19, along with existing border restrictions on foreign arrivals.

While Cambodia is currently not under a lockdown, its borders with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos remain closed until further notice. A travel ban is in place for entry from Germany, the US, Italy, France, Spain and Iran.

Lively New Year celebrations this month were absent in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia due to Covid-19 fears

International visitors must go into mandatory 14-day quarantine, with visa-on-arrivals currently postponed.

Bars, beer gardens, karaoke bars, spas and massage parlours have been closed, with restaurants, markets, hotels and other stores remaining open. During the cancelled Khmer New Year period, a one-week provincial travel ban was enforced.

In Myanmar, all international commercial flights have been suspended until April 30. Beaches have been shuttered early for the season, with the government recommending hotels in Mandalay and Bagan close. Many have reportedly followed the suggestion. Some hotels in Yangon have closed for April and May.

The government is encouraging people to stay at home until the end of the New Year holidays on April 20; while celebrations have been cancelled the public holidays remain in place.

Anti-Covid-19 measures are stiffer over in Laos. A lockdown came into effect on April 1, restricting people from leaving their homes except only to buy essential goods, visit hospitals or to work in limited essential services such as restaurants and cafes.

Hotels are allowed to operate but only to provide F&B services and accommodation. International and inter-provincial borders are closed to all movement apart from those transporting goods.

The measures are slated to be reviewed on April 19.

On April 1, Vietnamese authorities imposed a 15-day social distancing and stay-at-home order. It has said these will continue this for “some time” in regions considered high-risk while other areas will see restrictions relaxed.

From April 9, all visitors arriving at Ho Chi Minh City’s airports and train and bus stations must receive a Covid-19 test.

As of April 15, Vietnam has 266 confirmed cases and no deaths; Cambodia has 122 and no deaths; Myanmar 63 and four deaths; and Laos 19 and no deaths.

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