PATA unveils crisis resources to support tourism players

PATA’s April 2 launch of its Crisis Resource Center and Tourism Recovery Monitor marks its inclusive strategy to “protect tourism” by extending help to all tourism planners and decision makers and not just its members.

Incoming-chairman Soon-Hwa Wong, who led the Expert Task Force behind the recovery monitor, said PATA is a “trusted source” and industry members do not have to waste time validating the “infodemic”.

PATA’s Crisis Resource Center and Tourism Recovery Monitor will make critical information easily available to tourism players

By getting onboard “experts and partners to share valuable data, content and trends of leading tourism indicators to help us spot green shoots as soon as they start to appear” is necessary for post-crisis recovery”, Wong commented.

Wong stressed: “Timing is everything especially when it relates to the execution of recovery efforts. Moving too early could result in a complete waste of resources, while moving too late could risk being one of the last off the starting block.”

Wong: information will help tourism businesses time their recovery move

On why China is a critical pillar in the recovery monitor, which includes aviation, hospitality, market analysis and insights, and organisations and associations, Wong noted that it is important to recognise it is “the biggest market and will continue to be an important market” even amid concerns that the industry was over-reliant on it.

“When the green shoots show, competition will be at the highest. Everyone at the starting block will be desperate and hungry,” he pointed out, adding that PATA will be encouraging more experts and partners to come onboard to help prepare the industry for recovery.

As for the resource centre, it will house all efforts across the globe by governments that have and are providing aid, relief and support for industry stakeholders. PATA aims to establish a long-term resource centre that will come in handy when help is needed during future crises.

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