Creepy Tales of Singapore

Equal parts historical and creepy, this new tour by Oriental Travel and Tours delves into Singapore’s lesser-known war sites, where supernatural activity has been reported to take place. Pamela Chow feels out this hair-raising experience.

Singapore’s popular historical landmarks, such as the Civilian War Memorial in City Hall and Fort Canning Park, have been well-travelled and well-documented by tourists. Scarcely do reviews identify more obscure memorials and trails that sit squarely on the battlegrounds of World War II – and even fewer tours take visitors to these sites with ghost-detecting equipment.

Oriental Travel and Tours’ newest project, Creepy Tales of Singapore, lifts the fog on these locations in the western region of the island. Armed with flickering candles and electromagnetic field (EMF) readers, participants on this night tour are brought to sealed-off bunkers, preserved batteries and a cemetery, where the guide relays tales of heroes and historical figures who fell in these locations.

Along the way, the guide will also relay anecdotes of spine-chilling encounters, and participants may have an unexplainable encounter of their own. During my four hours on this tour, several members of the group and I myself witnessed a number of incidents.

Transport is provided between locations on this tour, making the journey comfortable and fuss-free. My tour was led by Oriental Travel and Tours’ co-founder Jasmine Tan, who was well-read and passionate about the lesser-known background details of World War II, as well as the history of the locations we visited. She remained calm at all times and consistently checked in with the group for our comfort, even to the minute details of providing mosquito repellent and tissues.

The tour begins at 19.00, and dinner is not provided. However, the journey ends at popular hawker centre Adam Road Food Centre, where participants can end the day with a hearty supper and a “debriefing” session with the guide.

The tour will run with a minimum of two pax. Larger groups will be divided into group, although smaller group sizes are recommended for an ideal immersive experience.

Recommended for history buffs and those not faint of heart, Creepy Tales of Singapore is a rare after-dark tour that unveils an unexpected side to the Lion City.

Duration: Four hours
Rate: S$118 per person (US$87)

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