GetMyBoat rental app poised to make a splash across Asia

GetMyBoat app, which allows watercraft owners to rent out their boats to vacationers, has expanded its Asian reach by including the Philippines in its growing list of boats for rent.

“Currently, we have over 500 boat rentals and water experiences available in the Philippines,” shared GetMyBoat marketing head Valerie Streif.

GetMyBoat rental app expands Asian reach with Philippines launch

As the world’s largest marketplace for boat rentals, yacht charters, and on-the-water experiences, the app offers an inventory of 130,000 boats in 9,300 destinations across 184 countries.

“We’ve gained a presence in several countries across Asia. 2019 has been the year where we’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of bookings and usage in the region,” Streif added.

“Demand across Asia is increasing. South Korea is growing very quickly, while Thailand, India, and Japan have been steadily growing on GetMyBoat, with demand coming from local and travelling consumers,” Streif said.

She explained that GetMyBoat can fill a gap in the Asian boat rental market. “Broadly speaking, we continue to aggregate what is a very fragmented marketplace for water sports experiences, island hopping, and boating. We continue to seek high-quality operators in locations of high demand. Ultimately, if you are travelling in Asia, there should be a simple way to book a boating experience anywhere you go.

“Booking boating or water sports experiences is still a widely varied process – the booking processes for the charter market, beach sports and fishing all have existed in silos. GetMyBoat fills the vast gap between every consumer in Asia and these niche experiences, by placing them in one marketplace, with a simple checkout and booking process. In the Philippines, we are hoping to make it easier for both tourists and local Filipinos all across the country to rent boats and try water experiences.”

Streif: Demand for watercraft rentals on the rise across Asia

Streif added that the online rental platform offers the full range of options for boats and water experiences, from stand-up paddleboard tours to scuba trips and captained motor yachts. However, she also stressed the need for creating demand for fresh and unique products.

“While we can dig into our data (on consumer demand), we also appreciate that we work in a ‘chicken and egg’ environment, that is, until we have a particular experience in a region, we won’t see demand for it. Sometimes, what appear to be the most unsuspecting tours in offbeat areas, turn out to be the most popular ones.”

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