Boeing unveils first 737 Max 10 in low-key event

Boeing has rolled out its first 737 Max 10 in a ceremony witnessed by thousands of employees at the company’s Renton, Washington factory.

In light of the global 737 Max grounding, the unveiling of the 737 Max 10 was a muted affair, similar to the 777X roll-out earlier this year.

Boeing unveils its first 737 Max 10 in a ceremony for employees in Renton

The 737 Max 10, the largest variant of the Max family, can seat up to 230 passengers and offers the lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane ever produced. The airplane will be undergoin system checks and engine runs prior to its first flight next year, Boeing said in a statement.

The 737 Max 10 currently has more than 550 orders and commitments from more than 20 customers around the globe.

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