Oyo hires independent advisor for governance guidance

Betsy Atkins, CEO and founder of Baja Corporation, has been appointed by Oyo Hotels & Homes as an independent director on the company’s board of directors.

As an independent board member, Atkins will play a supervisory role and provide guidance to the founder and the management on key business decisions.

She brings to the board experience in several aspects of the business, including corporate governance, driving tech-enabled efficiencies in business operations as well as ensuring strong business economics.

Experienced in scaling companies through the hyper-growth stage and leading them to access to the public markets and acquisitions, Atkins joins Oyo as the company is embarking on its next phase of growth.

At Baja Corporation, Atkins has built three early-stage funds and made early seed investments in consumer and enterprise software companies. Prior to that, she co-founded enterprise software companies in multiple industries, including energy, healthcare and networking.

Atkins is currently the chairman of the board at a private company, GlobalLogic, and also serves as board member at Wynn Resorts, SL Green Realty and Volvo.

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