3 Luxury Travel Brands Forging A Sustainable Future For Asia

Further East at Alila Seminyak

Brought to you by Further East – the newest and most innovative luxury travel show in Asia. As a platform for thought-leaders in hospitality, they’ve curated three brands with compelling sustainability strategies for TTG Asia.

Luxury hospitality has been touted as a potential solution to what is arguably Asia’s fastest-growing crisis: sustainability. Not only in a practical sense – by definition, luxury travel is exclusive, and so brings fewer travellers, thus helping to combat overtourism – but also because an increasing number of luxury hospitality brands are placing sustainability at the very core of their business model. And with the continent at the epicentre of the global sustainability crisis (75% of its protected marine areas are threatened by coastal development; 12 of the world’s 15 most polluted cities are in Asia) now is the time for Asia’s hospitality titans to take urgent action.

For the pioneers below, there is no luxury without sustainability. But they are not only protecting the future of Asia: they’re also future-proofing their brand positioning. Sustainability is a more important factor than ever for luxury travellers, particularly high-net-worth Millennials. A survey by sustainability consultancy Bouteco found that 66% considered sustainability important when choosing a resort, while 42% would pay more to bed down in an eco-friendly resort – as long as they didn’t have to compromise on comfort. “Millennials expect brands to not only manage their (environmental) impact but communicate it,” says Diana Verde Nieto, co-founder of Positive Luxury. Here are three Asia-based brands and resorts doing just that.

Bawah Reserve

Bawah Reserve: a masterclass in holistic and sustainable luxury

Many brands have pivoted to a sustainable approach only in recent years – but not so with Bawah Reserve, where sustainability is embedded in their brand DNA. From its conception – it was hand-built slowly over five years using reclaimed driftwood, teak and bamboo – to the present day, where the focus is firmly on preserving conservation with a permaculture garden, water treatment plant and micro-power grid. Right down to the details (think organic toothpaste and nontoxic detergent) no luxury is spared, with personalised, eco-friendly gifts communicating their sustainability story given nightly to guests.

Six Senses Bhutan

Six Senses Bhutan: protecting the world’s last carbon-neutral country

For Guy Heywood, COO of Six Senses, taking an ecological approach to hospitality development actually enhances the guest experience: “far from being a handicap, (it) can bring its own rewards.” It’s an ethos that has clearly filtered down into Six Senses properties, especially its newest outpost in Bhutan, which is currently the world’s only carbon-negative country. And they want to keep it that way by implementing a zero-waste philosophy; a dedicated eco-village farm to grow all produce; and a partnership with the country’s agriculture minister.

Further East at Alila Seminyak

Alila Seminyak: sustainability meets boundless creativity

The home of Further East 2019 is also a sustainability powerhouse. For Alila, it’s all about being a “good neighbour ­­­– we must always remember that we have to minimise our impact on the environment and respect the local community,” says Doris Goh, Head of Brand and Marketing for Alila Hotels and Resorts.

Alila Seminyak is now mandated to reach ‘zero-to-landfill’ status, alongside an organic permaculture garden and waste composting system.

Bawah Reserve, Six Senses Bhutan and Alila Seminyak will all be exhibiting at Further East 2019: Asia’s newest and most innovative luxury travel show.

Further east begins today Monday 11 November with its un-conference AWAKEN. A place where disruptors from Asian hospitality and beyond come together to connect, innovate and inspire.

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