G Adventures grows sales team in Asia expansion push

Toronto-based small group tour operator G Adventures is strengthening its focus on the Asian market by expanding its regional sales team to cater to the growing number of Asian travellers.

Bryce Young, director of emerging markets for G Adventures, will now head up a team of six global purpose specialists (GPS) throughout Asia, having recently appointed a second GPS in China.

G Adventures expands Asia sales team (pictured above) to meet growing demand

Young said that the move comes as G Adventures seeks to invest in the significant potential of dynamic markets within Asia, which resonate with the tour operators’ style of small group adventure travel.

“We consider adventure travel to be less about ziplining and bungee jumping – although those are available on some of our itineraries – and more about cultural immersion that connects you with like-minded travellers,” he said.

“Our style of travel is culturally authentic, sustainable, and caters to travellers looking for experiences based on their interests, as opposed to just by destination. Increasingly, we are finding that these are traits Asian travellers are looking for when choosing a holiday provider.”

Within Asia, the company has identified the key emerging markets to be Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, with GPS serving each of these regions.

In time, the company said that it hopes to expand into other markets, such as the Philippines or Indonesia.

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