Qatar Airways’ new Quisine menu poised for Asia take-off

Qatar Airways has enhanced its inflight economy dining experience with larger meal portions and a wider range of snacks, with the new offerings set to be rolled out beginning October 17 for flights to and from Singapore, as well as the rest of Asia-Pacific destinations it flies to.

The new dining experience will see portion sizes increase by 20 per cent for appetisers, 25 per cent for main courses, and 50 per cent for desserts. In addition, items that are typically served in premium cabin, such as Godiva chocolate and individually bottled water, have also been made available in Quisine’s economy service.

A pre-dinner drinks option is also now served on flights of more than five hours, with sparkling wine and cocktail snacks available prior to the main meal. A special movie snack selection with popcorn and potato chips will also be available for longhaul flights.

Qatar Airways’ country manager for Singapore, Justin Kestel, said that as the majority of travellers “spend most of the time in economy”, the airline sought to make improvements in the onboard experience, with a goal to be the “best in this class”. Aside from the Quisine rollout, a new generation of economy class seats will also be launched at the end of this year.

As such, the new Quisine menu has placed a greater focus on fresh and healthy ingredients, with a dose of locality. Travellers flying out of Singapore can look forward to noshing on local dishes such as roti prata and curry for breakfast, and chicken rice or nasi lemak for lunch or dinner.

“We know Singaporeans love their food, and it is a big part of Singapore culture, hence the best ingredients from the station it is flying out from will be used. The menu will also be changed every three months,” shared Kestel.

Kids’ meals have also been given an upgrade – items ranging from fresh fruits to juice boxes in its new meal boxes were chosen by 50 children from 15 nationalities in a study group with the catering team.

When asked about sustainability and the use of plastics, Kestel shared that the airline is reducing its single-use plastics, with 80 per cent of the tray items now recyclable – such as the dessert cups – or biodegradable.

The Quisine service was initially introduced earlier this April across the airline’s network, starting with its European destinations.

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