New platform for marine transport services launches in Indonesia

DTech Solusi Bisnis has introduced cGO, an online reservation platform for yachts, vessels, island tours, ferry transportation and tour guide services.

At the recent media launch of the platform in Jakarta, DTech Solusi Bisnis’ CEO Ngadiman said: “The idea to launch this app came about when I was in Lombok (during) the earthquake, and it was so difficult to find (information) on the available boats to transfer people out of the island.

DTech Solusi Bisnis’ Ngadiman (second from left) and his team at the media launch of cGO, an online reservation platform for marine transport services

“cGO aims to provide access for travellers to explore, experience and enjoy the Indonesian archipelago through local social platforms in an affordable, secure and comfortable manner. cGO strives to eliminate the conventional hassle of traditional booking systems between providers and customers.”

Recognising the niche market need for an all-in-one solution for boat charter and its derivatives, cGO provides an informative, secure and transparent online marketplace to ease the travel reservation of all modes of water transportation, which include yacht and vessel rental, ferry transfers as well as island tours and tour guide services, said the company in a statement.

It added that cGO aims “to be the platform where the demand and supply directly meet within an easily navigable reservation system”.

Nora Kassim, managing director and co-founder of cGO, said: “Through cGO, providers or merchants will be able to manage the inquiries directly through the comprehensive dashboard and promote their products and services to both local and international markets.”

This platform offers professional asset management system and marketing efforts for a flat commission rate.

“Backed by cGO’s professional team, operators can also enjoy multiple benefits including secure payment and billing, controlled flexibility, customisable system, transparency in information and higher sales performance,” Kassim said.

Ngadiman added: “As one of the digital tourism stakeholders, cGO is committed to empower the local economy and tour operators with an international standard and competitive edge that is dedicated to the local SME, mid-size tour and travel agents. On top of that, with the tour guide feature, cGO opens up a new business opportunity for the local human resources and encourages them to strive to reach international standards.”

When the app goes live in November, customers or users will be able to match their preferences to make reservations through a cloud-powered website and app. Customers can also compare all modes of water transportations and tours to popular sites as well as lesser-known destinations in Indonesia.

“With cGO, customers can view real-time rates and book transportation according to their desired budget and schedule. Above all, cGO prioritises safety, transparency and credibility. Each operator and brand at cGO is registered and audited to provide complete and accurate information with no hidden costs. The platform also ensures safety in payment gateway, secure customer data privacy and allows an objective review system,” Kassim said.

The company has joined hands with Dtour Travel Services, Ancol Marina Port, private and government sectors, as well as local and international boat owners, to provide supporting systems for the online platform so as to ensure a comprehensive range of services and reliable results.

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