Four Seasons Resort Langkawi opens traditional fish house

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi has unveiled a traditional fish house, offering guests an opportunity to learn about traditional methods used to harvest fish and shellfish from the Andaman Sea.

The private Rumah Ikan Fish House, designed by a local fisherman and crafted with locally-grown wood, seeks to sustain Langkawi’s indigenous fishing traditions and pay tribute to the island’s vibrant fishing legacy, according to the luxury resort.

The fishing method practised at the fish house is said to be “a rare art” that is fast disappearing as modern, mechanised equipment gains popularity. It involves fashioning a complex structure out of wood splints and extending it out into the sea.

Since last year, the resort has been working with Pak Din, a local fisherman, to bring back this traditional style of fishing.

Situated at a secluded spot along the resort’s mile-long coastline, the fish house will enable guests to observe Pak Din at work as he goes about his work or try their hand at fishing the old-fashioned way using locally-sourced equipment.

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