launches online B2B loyalty programme for agents launches rewards programme

India’s B2B travel company, (MVT), has launched a rewards programme for the travel agent’s network, said to be the industry’s first online B2B loyalty programme.

Through the MVT Rewards Program, registered B2B agents get reward points for every booking that they make on the portal as well as bonus points for the next booking. Also, bonus points from the first booking will be added to the agent’s ‘points total’ for the second booking, with 100 points equivalent to Rs100. launches rewards programme

Both reward points and bonus points under the MVT Rewards Program will be calculated based on per passenger booked basis. Reward points are based on per pax booked and would be 50 or more points, while bonus points would be 100 or more points for per pax booked.

To make the rewards programme more attractive, the company has also introduced a two-level ‘super bonus’ benefit as well. An agent who books 10 and above pax for one destination in a month will get 50 points per pax as super bonus, and 25 and above pax will yield 75 points per pax as super bonus.

Redemption of the points would be done every quarter. MVT will transfer the amount equivalent to the accrued points to the agent’s bank account.

Deepak Agarwal, MVT manager director, said: “This reward program would be a mutually rewarding initiative whereby our valued agents would be motivated to do larger business with us on while creating a strong brand loyalty towards MVT.”

He added that MVT did not want to have an ad-hoc ‘incentive scheme’ for its agent network that brings in more business only during the scheme’s duration. On the contrary, MVT’s programme would be an open-ended incentive scheme for its agent network.

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