Twin robot butlers invade YotelAir

Yoji and Airabella

A pair of capsule-shaped talking robots have recently joined YotelAir Singapore Changi Airport to serve guests at the futuristic-themed hotel.

The twin robot butlers, christened Yoji and Airabella, were named with the help of over 3,100 Instagram users as part of a month-long Instagram campaign in collaboration with local comic collective HighNunChicken.

Yoji and Airabella

These luggage-handling, sassy singing yobots, though smaller in stature than their Orchard counterparts, are intuitively interfaced with the hotel’s lifts and telephone systems. They can roam about the premises, deliver towels, toiletries and water bottles to the doorsteps of guests, and can even break out into a little ditty!

Word has it that the airport hotel will soon welcome one more robot butler, touting even more special capabilities. Watch this space.

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