Travel agents make scents with Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises hosted perfume-making sessions in South-east Asia as part of its travel advisors’ appreciation programme.

The sessions were designed to provide a mood-lifting and energy-enhancing experience through the creation of hand-made perfumes.

“We wanted to reward our travel advisors who have been working tirelessly to support Princess Cruises. Instead of a typical corporate lunch or dinner, we wanted to give them a unique experience that would be calming and uplifting as their jobs can be quite stressful at times. We also wanted to celebrate Princess Cruises’ expertise in sailing to 380 destinations globally and to evoke the memories from cruising on some of these wonderful journeys,” said Farriek Tawfik, director Southeast Asia, Princess Cruises.

During the sessions, participants could choose from different ingredients ranging from herbs and tea to a variety of floral notes to create their own unique fragrances.

The individual hand-made fragrances were then packaged in a 20ml bottle for travel advisors to take home.

These sessions were tailored by country with localised base scents. For example, in Singapore the orchid floral note was used, in Malaysia the national flower hibiscus and in Indonesia, teak.

New itineraries for the 2020-21 seasons for Asia, Europe, Alaska and Australia/New Zealand were also presented to the travel advisors.

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