Singapore’s Eurasian Association enhances heritage gallery

The long-standing Eurasian Association (EA), established in Singapore in 1919, has upgraded its Eurasian Heritage Gallery to now feature more multimedia and interactive exhibits, tours and food tastings, as well as more than 100 artefacts – including memorabilia from before and during World War II.

To be officially launched on September 21, the new gallery is divided into 13 different sections. These cover different aspects of the Eurasian community in Singapore, from survivor accounts of the Japanese Occupation to Eurasian fashion and cuisine.

The Eurasian Association in Singapore has upgraded its heritage gallery

As part of its new offerings, the Eurasian Heritage Gallery will also offer tour packages that include a range of community experiences.

Julia D’Silva, chairperson of the Heritage and Culture Subcommittee, described: “We customise tours for different groups. School-going children and students can get to participate in a traditional Eurasian folk dance, while adult groups can have a hand at rolling Meaty Cutlets during a cooking demonstration with food tasting by Eurasian chef Quentin Pereira.”

She said that such activities can “give visitors an immersive experience” of Eurasian lifestyle and traditions beyond the usual guided tour.

Singapore’s Eurasian community, as well as its heritage and culture, has been garnering interest from western visitors, said D’Silva.

She explained: “We are seeing an increase in the number of visitors from the United Kingdom and Australia, who either walk-in or come as part of a tour group organised by a tour company.

“Most are happy to explore the Eurasian Heritage Gallery at their own pace, then adjourn to Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant (in the same building) for a hearty Eurasian meal.”

The Eurasian Heritage Gallery is located in the Eurasian Heritage Centre and is run by EA, the custodian of Singapore’s Eurasian heritage and culture.

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