Gojek acquires Bengaluru-based recruiter, expands operations in India

Gojek wants to bring headcount in India up to 500 by year-end

Gojek has acquired AirCTO, a Bengaluru-based company that uses AI tools to accelerate recruitment and opened an engineering and product development centre in Guargon, to be staffed with over 100 people.

As part of the deal, the AirCTO team will join GoJek with immediate effect and look into building products that accelerate the recruitment of talent for the Indonesian ride-hailing company.

Gojek wants to bring headcount in India up to 500 by year-end

The company has also announced the opening of a new office in Gurgaon, the first in the city and second in India, to be staffed with 100 employees, expected to bring the total India headcount to 500 by year-end.

As part of its expansion plans, the company is also considering further acquisitions in India. The Indonesian-headquartered company is seeking companies with complementary expertise in engineering, design and product management.

“Our investment in Gurgaon underlines our commitment to growing the GoJek India story. We have looked at multiple ways to expand our operations and concluded that Gurgaon is a logical destination to set up shop, not least because of the amazing talent we have found in the area.

“GoJek recorded an annualised gross transaction value of US$9 billion as of 2018, and the hyper-growth journey we’ve been on demands talent who are willing to take risks, fail, learn and continue to scale a company that aims to solve everyday problems for South-east Asia,” said Sidu Ponnappa, managing director India at Gojek.

This adds to operations in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sidu said the AirCTO team bring the relevant technology to help GoJek scale up its hiring processes. “Finding quality talent is always a challenge, and (AircTO founder Atif Haider) and team are here to find technology-based solutions that will help us to overcome this challenge.”

As part of the expansion, GoJek’s largest India-based product team, Go-Food, will set up product divisions in the Gurgaon offic

GoJek currently runs one of the largest JRuby, Clojure, Java and Go clusters in Asia. Its robust tech-infrastructure is built and managed by just some 350 engineers in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

At the beginning of the year, GoJek announced the first closing of its ongoing Series F funding round led by Google, JD.com and Tencent, along with Mitsubishi Corporation and Provident Capital.

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