Study finds HZMB brings in higher-spending tourists to Macau

Macau saw 182,000 visitors over the recent seven-day National Day Holiday period

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) has been bringing high-spending visitors to Macau, according to a recent study by Hong Kong-based marketing research firm CSG Research.

During the research period, visitors who travelled to Macau via the HZMB have spent MOP4,280 (US$530) per head on average, 32% (MOP1,038) more than those who arrived through sea ports (Macau and Taipa Ferry Terminals). In addition, visitors who arrived in Macau via the HZMB spent more than double (117%) on shopping, as well as 40% more on entertainment than those who travelled to Macau through sea ports.

Visitors who travelled to Macau using the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge have been found to spend more than those arriving at sea ports; historic centre of Macau with tourists pictured

According to the data from Macau’s Statistics and Census Service (DSEC), the total number of people who entered the HZMB daily stands at 15,836, bringing the total number of visitors to 1.5 million in 1Q2019, which was 14.1% among all Macau visitors (10.4 million). Those high-spending visitors who travel to Macau via the HZMB could potentially generate MOP 16.4 million in additional revenue.

In addition, due to easier access brought about by the HZMB since its opening in October 2018, the study also found that 78% of visitors who travelled via the bridge expressed their intention to visit Macau more frequently while only 32% who travel through sea ports would like to revisit Macau.

Moreover, while 37% of visitors who travelled via HZMB stated that they would stay longer in Macau, only 17% of those who entered Macau through sea ports stated the same intention.

Visitors who entered Macau via HZMB also travelled in larger groups, the study revealed. An average group size of 2.6 persons was recorded, much larger than the 2.2 persons per group of those arriving through sea ports. Furthermore, 38% of visitors who travelled via the bridge entered Macau in groups of three or more, compared with only 24% of those who travelled through sea ports.

Derek Yu, research director of CSG, commented: “The HZMB is yet to function to its full capacity, as it is presently limited to licensed vehicles only. But official data has already shown that visitors’ numbers surged with 21% yearly in 1Q2019. From our study, it is estimated that the potential contribution of the bridge to the Macau economy is MOP16.4 million per day.

“The increasing importance for these high-value visitors to shop and enjoy entertainment provides opportunities for Macau to establish itself as a destination which offers the best entertainment and world class shopping,” he added.

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