Singapore firm to launch space-themed resort in Phuket

A Singaporean company is building a space-themed resort in Phuket worth US$40 million, recognising the continued trajectory of tourism growth in the destination but also the lack of new attractions there.

The project – One Pioneer Park and Resort – is owned and created by Singapore-based One Pioneer, which has identified the tourism and entertainment industries as its primary interest.

Janette Lee, founder and CEO, said the project is being constructed on Wichit Songkram Road, scheduled for opening in 2020.

Once completed, it will comprise a 150-room hotel in a space-themed complex featuring visuals of astronauts, an indoor observatory and other style elements that invoke being in outer space.

“Tourism business in Thailand and in Phuket will continue to grow but there is still a lack of new attractions. Our vision is to (bring to life) the dreams of mankind for an experience of space on earth. Our target markets will be both local and international tourists,” Lee shared.

According to Lee, the company is seeking partners from Thailand or elsewhere to complete the project. She has had discussions with potential partners and investors during the South East Asia Hotel Investment Summit which took place in Bangkok last week.

Prior to entering the tourism business, Lee had sold her private education business and social enterprise in Singapore. She also used to work in the financial sector.

Besides the Thailand project, the company will soon kick off its second project in Southern China’s Guangxi province. The company already received permission for land use from the Chinese government.

“We are drafting master development plan for the new project. Also, I’m looking for a partner for the new project,” Lee said.

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