Grand Palace area to close for royal coronation in Thailand

Bangkok still winning city, but others are catching up fast

DMCs in Asia have announced temporary changes to itineraries in view of next weekend’s official coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, the first in nearly seven decades for Thailand.

In a notice issued to partners, Asian Trails Thailand said that during the celebrations around the royal coronation of Vajiralongkorn – also known as King Rama X – from May 2 to 6, many roads, particular near the Grand Palace and some parts of the Chao Phraya River will be closed.

Asian Trails Thailand is cancelling all tours around the Grand Palace

“All excursions around the Grand Palace have to be cancelled,” the DMC announced.

The crowing will take place on Saturday, May 4, with Monday, May 6 declared a public holiday for the whole country. Celebrations and ceremonies in relation to the coronation are expected to take off during this three day royal and religious event.

Various roads and landmarks in Bangkok’s Rattanakosin district will be closed off in lieu of this nationwide broadcasted ceremony. According to government channels, security measures around the official coronation venues are extremely tight which may result in operational changes and possible congestion in other parts of the city, the DMC explained.

“Asian Trails Thailand is taking all measures to ensure that we continue to run our operations as smooth as possible. During these days, we will monitor the situation closely and continue to offer alternative tour options for in-house guests,” the DMC said, adding that it will inform partners of any major changes to itineraries that may ensue.

Also acknowledging the road closures and restricted access to key tourist attractions such as the Grand Palaces and temples in the Rattanakosin area, Destination Asia Thailand said it is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

On the other hand, it pointed out to partners that clients in Bangkok during this period will have “a unique opportunity to bear witness to a once in a life time event”.

Khiri Travel advised: “The Royal Coronation is a joyous occasion for the Thai people and you will see many wearing yellow shirts during this time, as part of the nationwide celebrations. If your customers would like to participate, they are welcome to wear yellow, the royal color, from April to July.”

In addition to the Hindu and Buddhist rituals that began this month and ceremonies performed by the king leading up to his official coronation in May, later in the year, a Royal Barge Procession will give visitors to Thailand another chance to see the nation’s new king.

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