Getting more Sleeep in Asia


Hong Kong’s first licensed capsule hotel, Sleeep, is targeting an over ten-fold increase in its patented smart-beds (SLPers) from the existing eight to 100, this year.

Apart from opening an 18-SLPers hotel in Hong Kong’s Central next month, it will also add another 10 in Causeway Bay in June, followed by 46 in Silom of Bangkok this September.

Hong Kong-founded capsule hotel makes its way to Bangkok

Commenting on Sleeep’s foray into Bangkok, co-founder Alex Kot said: “This marks our first overseas property and it takes up an old block of building. Out of the six floors, two will be turned into a spa with a wellness theme, our first spa concept.”

The company chose Bangkok for its “vibrancy and immense innovative spirit”. Said Kok: “I think we can easily try different ideas there (which may be) tough to do in Hong Kong.”

Sleeep was conceptualised in 2014 when Kok and his partner took part in a competition that required candidates to use design to resolve urban city issues.

The duo proposed a capsule hotel as a solution to tackle shortage of space, sleep deprivation and high population density. Against the backdrop of an under-utilisation of space and fast-paced market with round-the-clock demand, Sleeep rose as the first licensed capsule hotel inside a 34m2 unit in November 2016. For last nine months, it was operating at full occupancy, and with excess demand.

“What sets us apart from (other capsule hotels) is the branding, patented innovation and technology. For instance, we stay ahead of the game by rolling out the second generation of SLPers, which is improved with better music and airflow whereas a brand-new version of double bed is equipped with premium movie theatre experience.”

There is a strong and growing market for capsule hotels, according to Kok. “In addition to overnight stays, we also sell quality sleep experience by the minute to allow users to pay only for what they need,” Kok shared. About 70 per cent of current bookings come from OTAs, while locals who work nearby popping in for an afternoon nap.

Seeing opportunities in the global growth in transit passenger volume, LCC and red-eye flights, the startup is also eyeing international airport locations. It is currently in talks to bring Sleeep to an airport in the Southern Hemisphere.

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