Thai Airways resumes Europe flights amid Pakistani airspace closure

Thai Airways reports loss, but RPK was up from previous year

After routes from South-east Asia to Europe were disrupted due to the closure of Pakistani airspace, airlines have gradually resumed operations.

Singapore Airlines rerouted all flights over the affected airspace on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thai Airways reports loss, but RPK was up from previous year

Thai Airways International (THAI), which was seeking approvals from the relevant authorities to divert its flights, has resumed normal operations to Europe, having received permission to operate through China’s airspace.

THAI’s flights from Bangkok to Europe today (March 1) will operate as follow:

Flight TG910/ Bangkok-London
Flight TG924/ Bangkok-Munich
Flight TG930/ Bangkok-Paris
Flight TG934/ Bangkok-Brussels
Flight TG944/ Bangkok-Rome
Flight TG936/ Bangkok-Vienna
Flight TG960/ Bangkok-Stockholm
Flight TG970/ Bangkok-Zurich
Flight TG950/ Bangkok-Copenhagen
Flight TG954/ Bangkok-Oslo

Meanwhile, budget carrier Scoot cancelled its Singapore-Amritsar return service on Wednesday, following the closure of the airport in north India, according to the Straits Times.

The LCC has since resumed operations. Its relief flight left Changi Airport at 17.00 on Thursday.

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