Pakistani airspace closure forces flight cancellations and reroutes

Flights diverted due to the closure of Pakistani airspace

Some flights were rerouted or cancelled following an escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan, but Indian tour operators say it should be business as usual in tourism for now.

Early yesterday morning, India sent in the air force to eradicate a major terrorist camp in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). This was in reaction to a terrorist attack on a security contingent in Kashmir two weeks ago, India’s Creative Travel & JungleSutra WIldlife Journeys said in a circular issued to partners.

Flights diverted due to the closure of Pakistani airspace

Describing India’s retaliation as “simply an anti-terrorist operation”, the tour company said India took out a terrorist camp and “no civilian or military targets in Pakistan were touched or ever targeted”.

“There is also a lot of misinformation and ‘fake news’ being spread, which is unfortunately a common phenomenon now all over the world. We do not see any immediate sense of concern at this stage and will keep you posted if something happens,” said Rajeev Kohli, joint managing director, Creative Travel & JungleSutra WIldlife Journeys.

“If at any point we find any reason to amend anyone’s journeys, you will hear from us immediately. As of now, it’s business as usual.”

In view of the closure of Pakistani airspace, airlines have been making flight changes.

Singapore Airlines announced the following reroutes and cancellation:

Singapore to London
1. SQ308 operating from Singapore to London on February 27, 2019 will stop in Dubai for re-fuelling before proceeding to London
2. SQ318 operating from Singapore to London on 27 February 2019 will stop in Mumbai for re-fuelling before proceeding to London.

Singapore to Frankfurt
1. SQ326 operating from Singapore to Frankfurt on February 27 will stop in Mumbai for re-fuelling before proceeding to Frankfurt, provided it is able to arrive in Frankfurt before the airport’s curfew.
Due to the delay, SQ325 operating from Frankfurt to Singapore on February 27 is cancelled and passengers will be transferred to other airlines.

All other flights that overfly affected airspace will be rerouted, but are due to operate as scheduled at this point.

SIA is advising customers to check the status of their flights on the website or contact their local SIA reservations office. Customers are also advised to update their contact details to receive updates on their flights.

Meanwhile, Thai Airways (THAI) has cancelled flights:

To Pakistan
– TG341 and TG342 to and from Bangkok-Karachi
– TG345 and TG346 to and from Bangkok-Lahore
– TG349 and TG350 to and from Bangkok-Islamabad

To Europe
February 27:
– TG920 from Bangkok-Frankfurt
– TG911 from London-Bangkok
– TG921 from Frankfurt-Bangkok
– TG931 from Paris-Bangkok
– TG941 from Milan-Bangkok
– TG945 from Rome-Bangkok
– TG971 from Zurich-Bangkok
– TG951 from Copenhagen-Bangkok
– TG961 from Stockholm-Bangkok
– TG955 from Oslo-Bangkok
– TG925 from Munich-Bangkok

February 28:
– TG910 from Bangkok-London
– TG924 from Bangkok-Munich
– TG930 from Bangkok-Paris
– TG934fromBangkok-Brussels
– TG940from Bangkok-Milan
– TG936from Bangkok-Vienna
– TG960from Bangkok-Stockholm
– TG970 from Bangkok-Zurich
– TG950 from Bangkok-Copenhagen
– TG954 from Bangkok-Oslo

THAI says it is monitoring the situation, and plans to operate flights on an alternative route that does not pass Pakistan and is now awaiting for airspace authorisation.

Airline passengers who hold tickets on routes affected by flight cancellation may change their itinerary and be exempted from fees and charges.

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