Time savings, tailored expenses key reasons for DMCs’ continued relevance

AIM Group International, a company specialised in congresses, events and destination management, has released a White Paper outlining the role and importance of DMCs in a changing environment.

“It is clear that nowadays the role of DMCs is evolving. Reserving accommodation, organising transport, booking restaurants or consulting event ideas are just a click away. Does that mean that DMCs are no longer needed? No, that is not the case,” Bob Novak, head of corporate & DMC department Prague office, argued.

AIM Group’s top DMC trends in 2019

Demonstrating that point, the White Paper specifies eight key reasons why clients can benefit from DMC services, from saving time to risk mitigation, economic savings and simplified finance management, and the ability to involve participants.

By having one partner to liaise with instead of a long list of local suppliers, clients can “cut out perfuse administration and simplify accounting and VAT recovery”, for example.

Meanwhile, the report noted that event organisation is a constantly evolving industry, influenced by new technologies, social change, new market offerings, and so on.

It highlighted top trends to watch in this changing environment, including:

  • tailored experiences that are meaningful and have a direct link to the client or local community
  • second-tier, emerging destinations or original locations
  • greater social media engagement among participants
  • CSR and local community legacies.
  • ethical food: attention to organic, healthy, zero-Km requirements
  • short notice and flexibility.
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