Qantas conceptualises first class lounge in Singapore through VR

Qantas is putting virtual reality (VR) to work in the development of its new First Lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport, set to open end 2019.

Qantas International’s CEO Alison Webster said that VR gives the airline a completely new way to ensure that a lounge meets customer needs right from the conceptualisation process.

“While we already use VR technology to promote destinations, this is the first time we have used it to better understand a lounge design. Being able to immerse ourselves in a virtual lounge gives us a more accurate sense of space and an understanding of how it will look to scale,” said Webster.

Industrial designer David Caon and his team have been appointed to create an immersive VR representation of the design concept, enabling Qantas to preview and fine-tune lounges and speed up the design consultation process. A similar approach is being used for the airline’s upgrade of its A380 cabins.

The new lounge for 240 customers is designed to suit transit travellers with generous and comfortable seating options, featuring shower facilities, a la carte dining including an open kitchen, a cocktail bar and plenty of device charging stations.

The interiors will take on a neutral colour palette, luxurious materials and leafy green highlights, with the latest light technology advances incorporated into which to allow passengers to feel relaxed and better synchronise their body clocks with future time zones, according to Caon said. Key materials like marble and oak will also be used.

Aside from the First Lounge, Qantas’ existing Business Lounge will be expanded and will open mid-year. The overall lounge capacity in Singapore will increase by 60 per cent, and when combined, the First and Business Lounges will offer seating for more than 800 customers.

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