Scott Dunn predicts resurgence of US holidays, duo-destination breaks among Asian travellers

Regional duo city breaks such as those pairing Tokyo and Osaka (pictured) to become popular again

Scott Dunn has released its predictions for luxury travel trends in 2019, including the revival of US destinations and duo-destination breaks among Asia-based travellers.

Duo destination breaks are expected to see an increase in popularity for the Asian market, with Scott Dunn estimating that there will be five long weekends in 2019, allowing travellers to extend what may have previously been a short city weekend getaway.

Regional duo city breaks such as those pairing Tokyo and Osaka (pictured) to become popular among Asians again

The luxury tour operator predicts a resurging interest in regional duo-destination breaks such as Tokyo and Osaka, Phnom Penh and the Koh Rong islands, Yangon and Inle Lake, Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An, and more.

Scott Dunn further forecasts the revival of US destinations, with the destination more accessible to South-east Asia based travellers following Singapore Airlines’ launch of direct flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles and relaunch of direct flights to New York.

In 2019, Scott Dunn expects multi-generational trips continue to be strong with Asia-based travellers. In the company’s experience, outbound travel from South-east Asia have been selling mainly to Sri Lanka, New Zealand or the Mediterranean in Europe, all destinations that offer premium larger villa style accommodation for groups.

The company has also seen more requests for villa manager, private chef and nannies among Asia-based travellers booking holidays for the extended family.

Meanwhile, in the global market, Scott Dunn foresees the trend of parents or grandparents taking one child at a time on a one-on-one adventure.

Moreover, having seen a tripling in bookings for astro-experiences over the last four years, the tour operator is adding new itineraries of this kind in 2019. These include eclipse tours in Argentina in anticipation of the phenomena expected to envelope part of the region in darkness on July 2, 2019. According to Scott Dunn, Estancia Los Potreros in Cordoba will be the best place to view the total eclipse.

Another new astro-tour to join Scott Dunn’s portfolio is the São Lourenço do Barrocal in Portugal, offering stargazing within the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve.

Scott Dunn will also be offering more out-of-hours encounters in 2019, providing exclusive access to popular sites and museums including a sunrise picnic at Christ the Redeemer, to the Vatican before it opens to the crowds and late-access to Bangkok’s Reclining Buddha after it shuts to the general public.

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