Langkawi opens fourth geopark trail

A boat ride during the Bio

Langkawi has launched its fourth geopark trail, BioGeoTrail Kubang Badak, taking visitors on a gentle three-hour tour of the Malaysian island’s biodiversity.

Langkawi Development Authority and Langkawi Research Center spent more than a year developing the bio-geo trail in the north of the island, which includes geographical, biological and cultural elements.

A boat ride is part of the BioGeoTrail Kubang Badak

The trail incorporates 13 spots of interest, varying from taking a boat through pristine mangroves, exploring an ancient cave that is home to the largest number of bats on the island, hiking through dense forest to discover the diversity of wildlife and standing on the summit where the first Thai communities settled after migrating to Langkawi about 200 years ago.

Ibrahim Komoo, managing director of GeoSight, which helped lay the trail, said the aim is to showcase more of Langkawi’s natural beauty while alleviating the increasing burden of tourists from the existing three trails.

The trail starts at Jeti Kubang Badak, with an information booklet provided for visitors to navigate themselves.

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