Chan Brothers builds and grows platform for independent travel agents

Singapore-based Chan Brothers Group is looking to the public to build a network of independent travel agents with the launch of the ten Travel Envoys platform.

Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, ten – short for “travel entrepreneur network” – provides individuals with training, a network, resources and a platform to sell travel packages to friends and family. It went live on September 29.

A screenshot from the ten website

“For consumers, this is midway between an OTA and a traditional agent. Its level of service is better than an OTA. The travel planning process has become more digital and is losing the human touch,” said Chloe Chan, COO of ten Travel Envoys.

Participants, or “Envoys”, can sign up with no cost and are trained by the group on destinations, products, travel fundamentals and code of conduct. They can earn five per cent commission per package sold.

From the second year, Envoys who wish to plan and customise FIT packages for their customers will be charged to use a premium platform.

Chan: the future is digital and we have to continue to innovate

Chan revealed: “This was conceptualised by the group managing director and I. At first, it was difficult for people to see where this was going, but we have to continually engage and explain to our stakeholders and employees that this is beneficial to our company.

“The future is definitely digital, but the form or shape is up to us to decide. We can’t do business the same way, and we have to evolve to meet the changing needs.”

The platform currently has around 250 Envoys based in Singapore, and is set to expand to other markets in the region, such as the Philippines, Indonesia and India. Envoys based in these countries can then sell local packages as well as tours overseas.

The group is reaching out to more participants through talks in tertiary institutions.


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