Asia DMC releases carbon offset product

Asia DMC offers "sustainability-approved" packages

Asia DMC is making further strides in its carbon offset programme through a partnership with Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX).

The companies are working together to measure the carbon footprint that travellers are creating.

“Sustainability-approved” packages are also offered, providing responsible travel advice, and the option for guests to offset the carbon volume from their trip for just US$1 per person per day.

Asia DMC offers “sustainability-approved” packages

Furthermore, CTX enables buyers and sellers to transact carbon credits electronically in a transparent and secure environment. Each purchase will be attributed to the UN and/or Gold Standard certified projects such as solar energy, wind farms, reforestation and cook stove projects to counteract the emissions that cannot be avoided during the trips.

Through its HG Foundation, Asia DMC has endeavoured to reduce energy and water use, choose sustainable suppliers, eliminate the use of plastic and implement child and animal-welfare policies.

A part of the company’s carbon offset programme was launched in 2017 through the Roots and Fruits campaign, in line with its target to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2020.

“Alongside the rapid growth, the global travel and tourism industry is facing a number of complex social and environmental challenges,” said Linh Le, group managing director of Asia DMC. “Whether it’s the private, public or non-profit sector, we must all play a role, preferably in collaboration, to minimise the negative environmental impacts whilst maximising the positive ones.”

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