Skyscanner pries into couple troubles during holidays

Getting lost tops the list of common reasons for couple to argue

Nearly one in five Hong Kong couples who have argued during travel have considered breaking up after arguments, while 13% argue about photo taking, according to a recent survey by Skyscanner.

With this year’s Double Seventh Festival, also dubbed the Chinese Valentine’s Day, falling on Friday, Skyscanner surveyed 1,100 travellers from Hong Kong who take trips with their partners to find out where the points of friction are.

Getting lost tops the list of common reasons for couple to argue

The survey shows that most couples travelled with their partner for the first time after dating for less than a year, with 36.6% saying their first trip with their partner happened in the first one to six months and 27.2% saying six months to a year. Only 4.6% waited less than one month to embark on their first trip together.

When it comes to arguments, these can take place at any time during the trip. 36% of respondents argue during the trip, while 12% fight about trip planning when creating travel itineraries and booking tickets.

A larger proportion of respondents (44%) said they had never argued with their partners for the trip.

However, among those who do argue during holidays, almost one in five (18.9%) said that the fights had been so serious that they had even thought of breaking up after the trip.

The findings reveal that not getting to attractions on time and getting lost tops the list of the most common reasons for couple to argue (17%), followed by different expectations on the travel experience (14%).

Notably, 13% of respondents either argued about their partner’s ability to take nice photos or that they were taking too many photos during the trip.

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