Mt Agung erupts again; Bali airport maintains normal operations

Recovery efforts include international promotions and lobbying for countries to lift travel advisories

Mount Agung in Bali erupted again at 21.04 local time last night, and again this early morning, spewing ashes up to two kilometres above the peak.

The volcano status is currently on alert level three, with the area within a four-kilometre radius from the crater declared closed to all visitors including hikers. However, as of this morning, Bali appears to be safe and the airport is running as per normal.

Volcano status on alert level three

The Crisis Centre Team of the Ministry of Tourism is currently in emergency response status, working in close cooperation with the Bali Tourism Hospitality task force to monitor the situation.

Guntur Sakti, the crisis centre leader, was quoted by as saying: “Tourism minister Arief Yahya himself is actively communicating with (stakeholders) to gain the latest information and to allow quick decision making.”

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