Frenemies Ctrip and Booking Holdings deepen partnership

Online travel giants Ctrip and Booking Holdings are extending their partnership, with Gillian Tans, CEO of designated as Booking Holdings’ observer to the Ctrip board of directors, a seat that was previously occupied by‘s director for Asia-Pacific.

The Chinese OTA and will continue to share access to the companies’ combined hotel inventory, allowing customers to select from a wider range of price competitive products globally.

Ctrip expands cooperation with Booking Holdings

“Ctrip is a large partner for Booking in China and the relationship continues to be strong,” commented Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings.

The two recently deepened their partnership when Ctrip teamed up with another one of Booking Holdings’ businesses, OpenTable, to link North American restaurants on the online reservations platform to Ctrip users.

Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip is “confident that our combined resources will bring more innovation and value to global travellers”.

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