Amadeus gets level three on latest NDC standard, welcomes Qantas to NDC-X

Distributors evolving with new standard

Amadeus has become the first to achieve level three certification on the latest version of the NDC standard, released in March this year.

“We’ve been working hand in hand with IATA and other industry partners to test and improve this latest version of the standard, which will help to drive industrialisation and adoption. Version 18.1 and the new data model means that NDC messages between airlines and third parties – whether aggregators, travel sellers or corporations – now have a more defined structure,” explained Gianni Pisanello, vice president, NDC-X program, Amadeus.

Amadeus is targeting level 3 aggregator certification

He added: “This means that we are getting a step closer to the milestone when all the industry players will be able to speak and interpret the NDC language, in the same way, which is a key benefit for the whole industry.”

This certification as an IT provider follows on from Amadeus’ previous level three certification as an IT provider and level one certification as an aggregator in 2016 and 2017. Amadeus says it is on track to achieve level three certification as an aggregator later this year.

Meanwhile, Qantas has joined Amadeus’ NDC-X program soon after the two renewed an IT and distribution partnership. Amadeus will connect to the Qantas Distribution Platform and deliver NDC content to travel sellers, allowing travel sellers to book NDC content alongside other travel content.

Pisanello said efforts are underway to make NDC content available within Amadeus Travel Platform. “We’re making great progress, and will have online travel bookings in production later this year, meaning that the full booking flow of ‘shop, order and pay’ will take place using the NDC standard,” he elaborated.

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