Luxury cruising picks up among Asian families

More multi-generational families in Asia are taking to the high seas on luxury cruises and river expeditions around the region and across the globe.

“Many families are fast discovering the convenience and hassle-free experience of a cruise vacation as compared to other modes of travelling,” observed Helena Ow, managing director of Prime Cruise Asia.

Crystal Serenity (pictured) is this month sailing to destinations including South America, the Caribbean, Italy and Israel

Her agency has registered “an incremental increase in multi-generational families” opting for luxury cruises on their vacations, with popular destinations including Asia, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

Ow also noted that this demand is driven by “unique cruise options (that) are readily available”, extending beyond just ocean cruises to river, expedition yacht and air cruises too.

Meanwhile, Crystal Cruises, which offers all of these options, has also posted a “steady seasonal outbound longhaul demand from Asia” as well as high demand for cruise itineraries in Asia, shared Thatcher Brown, president of Dream Cruises.

TTG Asia understands that Brown will be heading the further development of sales and marketing for Crystal Cruises in Asia.

He added: “(Our guests) are seeking more immersive, authentic experiences. This is one reason expedition cruising is emerging as a highly sought-after way (of exploration). The focus continues to be more on what guests can do and experience, rather than simply see.”

With the expansion of Crystal Cruises’ fleet in Asia – which includes the refurbishment of Crystal Symphony and, in October, Crystal Serenity – the company will delve into more combinations of famous and lesser-known destinations in Asia to appeal to both repeat and new guests, said Brown.

The refurbishment of the ships will also increase the staff-to-guest ratio, enhancing personalised attention to detail and service on board.

In 2020, the company will also launch Crystal Endeavor under Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises, marking the largest and most spacious luxury expedition yacht in the world, with 100 suites with butler-service.

Brown said: “The focus of the yacht will be the PC6 classified capability to sail to any corner of the world, including through first year ice in the polar regions.”

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