Chinese-centric LN Global Hotel Alliance has been formed

Ling Nan Hospitality and online solution provider Compass Edge, together with partners China Southern Airlines and GZL Travel Services, have come together to launch the LN Global Hotel Alliance.

The alliance has four components. Compass Edge represents hotels outside of mainland China – such as The Bellevue Resort in Philippines and The Trans Resort Bali; Ling Nan Hospitality represents a large number of hotels in China – including The Garden Hotel and the China Hotel in Guangzhou; China Southern Airlines is the air segment of the alliance; while GZL represents the travel services product.

Compass Edge’s CEO Anita Chan speaking at the launch of the alliance

The number of loyalty members under the four brands amounts to more than 46 million Chinese travellers.

Anita Chan, CEO of Compass Edge, said that all four pillars are complimentary to each other with no overlap and no conflict of interest.

She added: “It is extremely difficult for a standalone property to be in the loyalty game, especially in China. Chinese people buy from those they know and trust. Now, overseas independent hotels can get that trust endorsement from the three most reputable China travel brands via LN Global Hotel Alliance.”

Moving forward, LN Global Hotel Alliance will put together lifestyle experience travel products for high net worth Chinese travellers.

“LN Global Hotel Alliance is not just a hotel loyalty program. We no longer just sell hotel rooms. It is an innovative concept to bring the experiences that Chinese travellers are looking for and present them in the Chinese digital ecosystem that Chinese people use,” said Chan.

“It is also important to stress that unlike OTAs, we do not want to sign up every hotel in the world. Far from it, we limit the number of hotel members in each location so that we can provide them with better service and a larger presence in this hugely important market place.”

Currently, the LN Global Hotel Alliance has more than 100 founding hotel members in over 13 countries and 30 cities.

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