Vox Group hires CMO to drive global expansion

Vox CEO Fabio Primerano; POPGuide John Boulding; and VOX Group president Elio Epifani

Tourist audio guide systems company Vox Group has set up a new division to market and distribute its interactive B2B mapping app and audio-guide system, POPGuide, across the world.

POPGuide has also appointed John Boulding as its chief management officer, as part of Vox Group’s global expansion plan to build its footprint across the wider tourism industry.

(From left) Vox’s Fabio Primerano; POPGuide’s John Boulding; and VOX Group’s Elio Epifani

Boulding shared POPGuide’s plans for Asia in a statement: “Our objective is to distribute POPGuide world-wide. Asia is absolutely a key market for us and we’ll be building a dedicated sales presence very soon.”

Boulding and his team will be reaching out to tour operators, travel agents, hotels, museums and venues.

Before joining Vox on the POPGuide project, Boulding was previously at the helm of Insight Vacations as global CEO for two decades.

By enabling push notifications and special offers, itinerary mapping, hosting of vacation documentation and customisation of points of interest and home locations, POPGuide enables travellers to get around easily when they are on holiday, save on data-roaming and receive local expertise and up-to-date information translated into their local language (either by text or audio). The app currently covers more than 250 cities.

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