Girl power to Emirates’ all-female flight team

Emirates sent an all-female team to the skies this week to commemorate International Women’s Day, highlighting the integral roles – ranging from the operational to the technical – that its female employees play in their day-to-day business.

Flight EK225 took off from Dubai to San Francisco with an all-female team on board an Airbus A380 aircraft, piloted by captain Patricia Bischoff from Canada and first officer Rebecca Lougheed from the UK, while the cabin crew was led by purser Weronica Formela from Poland.

An all-woman team powered the A380 flight from Dubai to San Francisco

In addition to the flight crew, an all-woman team worked on all ‘above wing’ and ‘below wing’ activities in the lead-up to flight departure, including customer service in the airport, ramp operations, technical services, and an array of other roles within the flight dispatch, aircraft appearance, crew operations, catering and security teams.

In total, a team of over 75 women from more than 25 nationalities worked on the EK225 flight, Emirates said in a press release.

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