Singapore Airshow 2018 to spotlight cybersecurity, autonomous vehicle

Cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles and emerging technologies will take the spotlight at the Singapore Airshow 2018.

The show, which will run from February 6-11, 2018, will see more than 1,000 participating companies from some 50 countries exhibiting the latest products and services in cybersecurity, unmanned aviation systems and more.

Leck: key aviation trends will be looked at in depth

“These key trends are what’s happening in the industry, which is why we singled them out for the Airshow,” said Chet Lam Leck, managing director of Experia Events, the organiser of Singapore Airshow.

He added that the exhibition and discussion forums can help expose visitors to product options and different viewpoints in the trade.

In particular, the entry of autonomous vehicles has generated “anxiety” in the industry, and the Airshow hopes to address these concerns, remarked Leck.

A new addition to the upcoming Airshow is What’s Next @ Singapore Airshow, a segment that brings in start-up companies to showcase and pitch their latest aviation innovations to interested investors and partners.

This new initiative will help introduce “new mindsets” in aviation, “expose exhibitors to what’s available out there for them to tap on” and educate entrepreneurs on the requirements of companies in the industry, explained Leck.

The Airshow will be held at Changi Exhibition Centre. In 2016, it drew 48,229 trade attendees from 143 countries and regions.

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