New SE Asia adventure travel company opens for business

A new adventure travel company has been launched in South-east Asia, brokering tailor-made, “human-powered” experiences in the region to travel agents and independent travel specialists.

Indigo White was founded by Holly Richter, who has 14 years of experience guiding and designing for Backroads, a luxury cycling, trekking and kayaking company, combined with 10 years living and working in Asia as both a product manager and director of adventure at Exo Travel.

Indigo White is a new start-up offering tailor made, experiential adventure travel in South-east Asia

Richter said that many adventure travel suppliers tend to focus “on one aspect of travel”, be it cycling, trekking, cultural, luxury, culinary. Indigo White wants to host a blend of these aspects for guests.

Richter added: “There are communities here that are opening their doors to limited numbers of guests, in the hopes of sharing their unique customs and culture and to encourage a form of livelihood for their community.”

Combined with consulting with colleagues and friends on trendy spots to visit locally, such “human-powered travel” allows for “accidental, natural interactions”, she said.

Experiences include rafting through virgin rainforest in northern Thailand, peddling on secluded paths through the otherwise crowded Angkor complex, or spending time with gracious Karen hosts attempting to reintroduce domesticated elephants into the wild.

Indigo White said it is already working closely with a number of partners around the world and crafting exclusive experiences for clients.

Its website is set to launch at later this year.

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