Vietjet turns up the heat at Albuquerque balloon festival

Vietjet's “beautiful-and-young-flight-attendant-featured” balloon

Vietjet participated in this year’s Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and surprise surprise – its contribution to the spectacle was not a hot air balloon.

Paraded in the balloon were two bikini-clad beauties, a visual that has come to be nearly synonymous with the Vietnamese LCC.

Vietjet’s “beautiful-and-young-flight-attendant-featured” balloon

Vietjet flying a balloon at the world-famous festival – known for speckling the Albuquerque sky with some 500 balloons on a single day – is not unlike its journey in South-east Asia’s crowded LCC space. It becomes about standing out.

Beyond flash sales and eye-catching slogans is another attention grabber waiting to be seized, until the next LCC catches up. Lucky for Vietjet, “beautiful-and-young-flight-attendant-featured” balloon (or flights) is not an association its competitors seem as willing to take on.

After the US, the Vietjet balloon’s next stop will be in Japan in November 2017.


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