Indian bookings from Europe more than double: Tourico

European travellers are the main driving force behind Indian inbound growth, with room bookings from Europe surging 109 per cent year-on-year, according to latest data from Tourico Holidays, part of Hotelbeds Group.

Also showing strong growth are Asia-Pacific (+53 per cent) and North America (+32 per cent).

Among the source markets showing the largest booking influxes are China (+115 per cent), the UAE (+113 per cent), Canada (+105 per cent), the UK (+57 per cent) and the US (+20 per cent).

“India is currently experiencing a boom in travel demand – and with a diversity of source markets increasing their bookings,” said Madhuri Khanna, regional director of product development in South-east Asia for Tourico Holidays.

Bullish that India’s popularity will continue to grow, he said: “A relaxed e-visa regime and an emphasis on bolstering tourism has India primed to become a major global destination in the years to come.”

Tourico’s outbound business also saw significant growth at 28 per cent year-on-year, led by Indian bookings for Asia-Pacific, which increased 58 per cent. A surge in demand was seen for China (+127 per cent), Malaysia (+101 per cent), Thailand (27 per cent), and Australia (+24 per cent).

Meanwhile, hotel bookings from India to Europe increased by 20 per cent, led by Turkey (+90 per cent), Spain (+33 per cent) and the UK (+28 per cent). Hotel bookings to North America increased by 10 per cent.

“Encouraged by India’s leading GDP global growth rate, a growing middle class, and a millennial age block that is increasingly enjoying more disposable income, the country is rapidly becoming an outbound travel force,” said Khanna.

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