Thailand sharpens niche marketing plans for 2018

At its annual TAT Action Plan meeting yesterday, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) unveiled its 2018 marketing plan to grow the country as a preferred destination with more targeted niche marketing on the international and domestic fronts.

Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT governor, said: “Clearly the age of mass marketing is over. The future lies in sharply focussed marketing campaigns, which can deliver measurable results. These will help us maintain a strong brand presence, improve the efficiency of our marketing spend, address the seasonality factor, decongest popular destinations and establish closer cooperation with potential partners that include many industry businesses and local communities who can contribute to the success of our objectives.”

(Middle three, from left) TAT’s Yuthasak Supasorn; Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul; and TAT board’s Kalin Sarasin; with TAT executives and industry players at press conference to announce the marketing plan

For the international marketing plan strategy, which will be rolled out over the 12-month period of the 2018 fiscal year, beginning October 2017, TAT has segmented target customers worldwide ranging from first-timers to repeaters, senior citizens to sports enthusiasts. TAT will also emphasise on niche markets including weddings & honeymoons and ladies, as well as continue to create a brand image as a luxury travel destination.

A stronger emphasis will be placed on gastronomy tourism, with spotlight placed on the opening of the Michelin Guidebook Bangkok and Thailand’s hosting of the fourth UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism.

While TAT will continue to use “Amazing Thailand” for its international marketing slogan with the “Discover Amazing Stories in Amazing Thailand” tagline, in 2018 the NTO will change its marketing angle slightly with the new concept of “Open to the New Shades of Thailand” to give more depth to the presentation of Thailand’s tourism, grow the business for grassroots tourism sector players and enhance the country’s image as a land of amazing diversity worth discovering further.

In the domestic market, TAT will train its sights on increasing the travel frequency of potential groups (seniors, millennials, families, multi-generation and ladies) with the “Unique Thai Local Experience” slogan in 2018.

Some examples of new initiatives for domestic marketing by TAT include creating awareness of waste management during local festivals, promoting creative gastronomy and building tourism networks to be environmentally conscious.

In 1H2017, Thailand received reached 17 million international arrivals and a revenue of 876 billion baht, of which the China market was the top generator followed by Russia and Malaysia. The Thai government has set a growth of not less than eight per cent increase in tourism revenue for 2018.

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