New CEOs for Carlson, Rezidor amid executive shuffle

The Rezidor Hotel Group and Carlson Hotels last Friday announced changes to its organisational structure with the creation of a global steering committee to provide overall strategic direction to both companies.

As part of the new structure, Federico González Tejera will leave his role as the global CEO of Carlson Hotels Group to become president & CEO of Rezidor. He will also serve as chairman of the global steering committee.

John Kidd, former president and chief operating officer of HNA Hospitality Group, will become CEO of Carlson Hotels.

Wolfgang Neumann, meanwhile, will depart as president & CEO of Rezidor and will now serve as a non‐executive director on the Rezidor board of directors.

Both Carlson Hotels and Rezidor will remain as independent entities, with each company continuing to be governed and led by its respective boards of directors and key executives, said both companies in a statement.

Charles Mobus, director of both the Rezidor and Carlson Hotels boards, said “this new strategic approach will enable both Rezidor and Carlson Hotels to deliver improved results by better capitalising on their existing relationship and maximising the potential of their combined international footprint”.

The committee will feature an equal number of representatives from both companies including Tejera and Kidd, as well as other executives from business units across Rezidor and Carlson.

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