Greater transparency for Muslim travellers with new hotel standard

Salam Standard has launched the Premium Hotel Classification scheme which rates hotels based on their number and standard of Muslim-friendly facilities and services, with an emphasis on rigorous hotel checks and audits.

The scheme – which classifies hotels under Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum tiers – aims to improve quality, standards and transparency for Muslim travellers, while boosting the global visibility of accommodation that meet this demographic’s faith-based needs.

For example, at Bronze-rated properties, all rooms have a shower and toilet or bathtub and toilet and a prayer mat and praying direction (Qibla/Kibblat), or they are available on request, whereas Platinum-rated accommodation offers several additional benefits including halal food that is certified by a recognised body, while the entire premises is alcohol free.

Properties or hotel groups will be subject to checks to ensure they meet the required criteria, with audits conducted by a qualified committee of Islamic tourism experts, including Salam Standard representatives.

The committee reserves the right to reject applications if they do not meet the minimum criteria, and will also conduct regular inspections to ensure standards are upheld at Salam Standard-rated properties.

According Salam Standard, the four-tier system will simplify the user experience by providing Muslim travellers using the service or that of sister company Tripfez with clear guidelines on what is offered, safe in the knowledge it has been checked and audited.

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