Airbnb’s Chinese rival Tujia ups the ante

Right as Airbnb announced its rebranding in China, Chinese homesharing giant Tujia made known at its recent Open World Summit in Beijing that it will be pursuing a “3+1” development strategy for the year – undertaken from perspectives of consumer, host, property buyers and regionalisation.

With a focus on user experience, Tujia intends to upgrade products and services in three areas: select more resources and provide richer content to consumers; optimise services before, during and after the stay through addressing needs of safety, cleaning, search and payment; and upgrade user service guarantee.

In the third respect, it has already implemented a Concern-Free Living strategy combining house examination, premium hosts, two-way evaluation, Ctrip Credit, Zhima Credit and compensation.

The strategic plan is also related to upgrading and integration on the supply side, hence making property sharing easier for hosts from across the spectrum. To achieve this, Tujia would be gathering traffic, unify standards, improve efficiency and integrate fragmented resources.

Tujia also plans to establish a one-click management of eight platforms, including and, to allow hosts to control price and availability, accept bookings and communicate with customers through an app.

As well, Tujia intends to provide operational training, security consulting, income management and other service support to help hosts become more professional.

On the front of property buyers and regionalisation respectively, Tujia will continue working the TuLifang Solution that combines housekeeping and property management as well as cooperate with regional governments and partners for integrated homestay services and poverty relief in the countryside.

To aid its strategy implementation, Tujia signed three partnerships at the conference, including with Scenario Lab to explore the innovative evolution of homestay products and build new IP.

Another signing is for the Beautiful Book House public benefit project, an innovative homestay project oriented towards helping children in the countryside.

Tujia also renewed its cooperation with Zhima Credit of Ant Fortune to provide more standardised services.

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