Ariva Hospitality now a subsidiary of Rowsley

Ariva Hospitality executive chairman Cameron Ong announced in a press statement that Ariva is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rowsley Hospitality Holdings.

Together with Ariva’s co-founder and executive director Jean-Claude Erne, Ong will work with the Rowsley group to grow its hospitality business from the 6,500 room keys currently under its management and in the pipeline.

Photo: Rowsley Hospitality Holdings

Remaining as the executive chairman and executive director respectively, Ong and Erne will focus on bringing expertise and market access to drive growth in the Rowsley Hospitality business as well.

Both Ong and Erne had held senior management positions in international hospitality companies including Ascott Group, Shangri-La Group and IHG group prior to setting up Ariva Hospitality in 2009 with the main brands Ariva Hotels, Ariva Serviced Residences and by Ariva across Asia.

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