H.I.S. adopts Amadeus corporate travel management tool


Japanese travel agency H.I.S. International Travel (H.I.S.) is adopting Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense to position itself as the preferred travel agency for corporations.

H.I.S. is first leveraging the tool in Singapore, where it anticipates a high and growing demand for business travel management services, before using it in other markets across the region.

With Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, business travellers will be able to plan and book their travel and compile and generate expense reports on their mobile devices, eliminating the need to manually account for costs incurred throughout their journey.

Corporations likewise will enjoy visibility into an employee’s travel expenses, increasing compliance with policies and streamlining financial processes.

Eddie Kheng, outbound manager (Singapore market), H.I.S., said: “Singapore as a business hub is where many corporations have established their regional headquarters. They have large populations of travelling employees and we see a huge opportunity to help these corporations get more out of their corporate travel programmes.”

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